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But first up, you might be asking: What exactly is a Harvey Wallbanger? Its origins, like the drink, are not exactly clear. Legend has it that a s California surfer favored the drink and, one day after losing a pivotal surfing contest, walked into his usual Manhattan Beach watering hole, ordered his drink, and banged his head against the wall from the agony of defeat.

His name was Harvey — and there you have it. Drink historian Dave Wondrich and tiki cocktail expert Jeff Berry, speaking at the Tales of the Cocktail conference in New Orleans last month, said the popularity of the Harvey Wallbanger is the result of the feminist movement and the advent of the fern bar. In the early s women began to frequent fern bars -- watering holes decorated in a welcoming combination of greenery and wood panel interiors that wouldn't intimidate solo-drinkers like the standard shot-beer-cigar pubs.

Harvey Wallbanger Recipe

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🍊 How To Make The Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

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How to make: STIR first 4 ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Comment: Like the Screwdriver, the Harvey Wallbanger has sadly waned in popularity, probably due to it being served with packaged orange juice. Origin: Read the full story and history of the Harvey Wallbanger.

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Harvey Wallbanger Recipe