Manual Confined Space Entry and Emergency Response

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This action guide provides a list of considerations for first responders to review when responding to a confined space incident. Workers entering or working in confined spaces often face life-threatening hazards and by law, employers must comply with applicable OSHA regulations. Coast Guard hot work regulations. Skip to main content. Structure Fires in Office Properties U.

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Ambulance or Uber? Burns Hot. Also, OSHA has interpreted the standard to require a separate either in-house or outside rescue and emergency service when permit space entry operations are performed in an immediately dangerous to life and health IDLH atmosphere. This means any condition that poses an immediate or delayed threat to life or that would cause irreversible adverse health effects or that would interfere with an individual's ability to escape unaided from a permit space.

Confined Space Entry and Emergency Response

An example would be during inerting activities. Even in permit space entry operations involving non-IDLH atmospheres, more than one rescuer may be required in permit space entry operations depending on the hazards present and the number of authorized entrants that may require rescue.

The minimum number of people required to perform work that is covered by OSHA standards for permit-required confined space entry standards and respiratory protection standards will be driven by facts such as the hazards or potential hazards, the number of entrants who may require rescue and the configuration and size of the space.

So planning is critical! These are just a few examples of best practices you can follow to ensure a higher level of safety.

Confined space

Also, keeping track of who is entering these spaces at any given time is key. Whether they are contractors or your own employees; knowing when entries are taking place and tracking entrants is a major part of the OSHA requirements. This gets us into the permit entry system. This is your written procedure for preparing and issuing permits for entry and for returning the permit space to service following the termination of entry.

This is important; for a PERMIT required confined space, NO entry is allowed unless a written entry permit is completed, you have identified the trained attendant, entrants and entry supervisor we will go through all that in the next episode and have documented each hazard of the space and how each hazard is mitigated. Now, since deaths in confined spaces often occur because the atmosphere is oxygen-deficient or toxic, confined spaces need to be tested prior to entry and continually monitored. If spaces are properly evaluated prior to entry and continuously monitored while the work is being performed and have appropriate rescue procedures in effect, fewer incidents would occur.

CAUTION: hazards may still be present right outside the opening, like when a space has undergone nitrogen purging; an oxygen deficiency could exist just feet outside the opening and someone could be bending down to look inside without breaking the plane and be overcome, and pass out, fall into the space, etc. And this HAS led to fatalities before.

I wanted to give you an overview of what is involved and what to expect moving forward. Let me break these into some categories for you:. For general safety training, all employees, regardless of their role, need to understand the common hazards present or that may be present in any of the spaces that they might work.

Especially hazards they may be introducing themselves.

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Are they cutting or welding? Are they using chemicals? Are they using electrical equipment? Training also has to include signs and symptoms of exposure to certain hazards. All workers need to know how to identify whether or not an entrant is being affected by any of the hazards that may be present.

They also need to understand how hazards are to be controlled, the monitoring equipment used in spaces, etc. General training also has to include how to respond in an emergency. If you do rely on local emergency services, assuming you already verified they are able to perform such rescues as I already discussed they need to go over the communication system to be used prior to work beginning.

Posted on Thu, Sep 01, A situation requiring confined space entry can be encountered in many industrial operations.

The SafetyPro Podcast: Confined Space Entry Safety Pt 1

Authorized entry should require a pre-entry checklist to ensure rescue team members enter safely. The need for a confined space emergency rescue can be the result of earthquakes, construction or support failures, or any incident that results in a narrow and constricted entry, preventing easy access by rescuers. A confined space pre-entry checklist should be completed prior to entering any confined space. Preparedness and response planning measures should be in place prior to any confined space entry. A pre-entry checklist may include the following:. OSHA uses the term "permit-required confined space" to describe a space that has one or more of the following characteristics:. For tips and best practices on designing a crisis management program, download Tips for Effective Exercises. Main Office: Fax: Home Services Are You Prepared?

A pre-entry checklist may include the following: 1.

Confined Space / Hazardous Space Entry Program